28 February 2011


Il Fornaio Restaurant, San Francisco

"I might have made a mistake with my order; I wanted the grilled salmon, not the salmon salad."
"Well, then you'll have to come back."

21 February 2011


Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

"I'd like to arrange coffee delivery tomorrow morning, please."
"We can offer 5:30a - 6:00a. There are no other options at this time but you can call in the morning if you like."

Next morning:
"I'd like to order room service of coffee and a pumpernickel muffin."
"It will be 70 minutes for delivery."

Lesson learned:
During trade show season, confirm room service delivery for the duration of stay at time of check-in.

18 February 2011


Barbacco, San Francisco

"Everything looks great. What would you suggest from your menu?"
"I don't want to suggest anything because I don't know what you like or don't like."