26 August 2010

New York I Hair Removal

How authentic is my position on service if I don't include encounters that also run deep on the personal front? So here it goes, as I reveal something about myself: I have come to realize that New York is the epicenter for hair removal. Nowhere else can removing hair by scissors, wax, threads and laser be taken more seriously with establishments on almost every street, at every level of experience. Here is a short list of people who have kept me groomed, and smooth, over the past decade. They also happen to be good people who have built healthy professions with a combined experience of 100+ years.

Almog, Hair Stylist
I've followed him through multiple salons and since he has established his own private space, it remains a pleasure to not be distracted by other clients and stylists rushing around us. Though there are two chairs, Almog has only once client in at a time. This experience is as personal and intimate as it can be. After all, getting locks trimmed, cut or colored can be a dramatic, or traumatic, moment. Best to have an understanding hand, eye and heart on hand.
Almog Hair I 25 Thompson Street at Grand Street I 212 941 8199 I www.almoghair.com

Maya, Eyebrows
A short, blond woman with a furiously fighting spirit, Maya manages to take her time to trim each hair and wax unwanted strays with surgical precision. What she does exceptionally well is to enhance the spirit and facial features of each client, reminding me what looks good for me alone, rather than applying a shape du jour on everyone. Surrender to her. She knows what she's doing.
Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas I 691 Fifth Avenue at 54th Street, 8th Floor I 212 546 0200 I www.reddoorspas.com

Jay, Upper Lip Threading
My first experience with threading was here, and where it will probably end if I move away. The Park Avenue South shop is at a bare minimum: several barber-like chairs are stationed in front of mirrors with jars of Purell and aloe vera atop an accompanying bureau. As soon as I sit back and recline, Jay picks up a spool of white thread with a long lead already in her mouth. She is deliberate and careful in the painless process. For a cleaner result, work with her and follow her instructions. Five minutes later, I'm out on the street feeling the wind on my shiny upper lip (aloe vera).
The Perfect Shape Threading Salon I 295 Park Avenue South at 22nd Street I 212 473 7400 I www.threadingsalon.net

Anna or Asia, Bikini Wax (any which way you like it)
Firstly, these ladies are experts at all grooming, plumping and detoxifying treatments at Bliss. That's just how good they are trained and how seriously they take their profession. As for removing hair down there, I think it's enough to share that their standard of expertise surpasses those of...Thomas Keller.
Bliss I 568 Broadway at Prince Street, 2nd Floor I 877 862 5477 I www.blissworld.com

I have not undergone laser hair removal though I can recommend my dermatologist's office if you so choose to try it. Reason being is that I simply don't have enough hair to do so. That is enough personal details disclosed for now.
Patricia Wexler Dermatology I 145 East 32nd Street at Lexington Avenue, 7th Floor I 212 684 2626

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