09 May 2010

Function as Service

In my pursuit of reviewing service, I've come across compelling retail, hospitality and product design. What makes these design elements worth highlighting for SoS are its function, simplicity and ease of use.

From today, I am beginning a new category, "Function as Service," to present objects and elements that are thoughtfully designed into our needs and that of its surroundings rather than into those of high - and low - design aesthetes. I'm not asking for a lot here. Something that will hold trash, drain well (I'll get to you later, Philippe Stark) and easy on the eyes will do it for me.

To start off, here is a version of a trash receptacle on a beach in France:

Function: To collect trash from beach-goers.
Design: The container body is buried into the sand, with the cover and opening standing 1 foot from the ground; A rustic, wooden cover is consistent with the style of the restaurant, shop, beach walkway and chaise rental counter.
1) The low container has little to no wind resistance, preventing it from toppling it over from wind gusts and even in the rain.
2) A two-year old toddler can finally put his or her own trash where it belongs, without Mom or Dad picking up after them.
Placement: Discreet and unobtrusive, it is positioned near a bush along a walkway, against a brush.


  1. Very interesting and inspiring new section.
    Simplicity is the best design.

  2. I really like this idea, but I must say that when I first saw the photo, I thought it was an outhouse with no walls! It's a nice alternative to unsightly trash cans though, and not only can it not blow over from the wind, the wind can't "grab" the bag and turn it inside out like I see sometimes either.