20 April 2010

Patrick Roger, Chocolate Artist

Mad artist, more like. Some chocolatiers deliver serious grade chocolates with serious loftiness. Patrick Roger, on the other end of the spectrum, delivers serious grade chocolate with serious yet cunning humor with a great deal of precision.

It was around Easter time that Parisian chocolate shops put their best foot forward with wonderful, creative window displays of the universal treat. Most were sophisticated and conservative compared to what I stumbled upon.

A wolf, chickens and eggs. All made from delectable, fine ingredients. The eggs were magnificent. What I thought were props of chicken eggs in reference to the holiday, they were in fact real egg shells, drained of its contents and replaced with chocolate and praline!

For anyone who makes his way to Paris, don't miss a chance to indulge with what Mr. Roger has given us - a keen, maddening take on what delights the child in each of us. Not only does it taste divine, it prompts me to believe that there are plenty of envelopes worth pushing. Merci, Monsieur Roger, for servicing my sweet tooth.

Patrick Roger, multiple locations, www.patrickroger.com (199 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré
75008 Paris, Tel: +33 01 45 61 11 46)

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