22 April 2010

Michael's Table

My Friend Michael recently went on the record coveting a metal top school table which reminded me of a similar table I had a a great time on last month. Not that kind of a great time, but the pizza I had at Pizza East was up there.

More than ever, we are seeing a convergence of interior design and food that pulls together multi-faceted elements explored before only in fine dining. Today, we can see that good design and good food can be experienced by many more people and at varying strata of cuisine, location, price and service. Pizza East delivers on all accounts with great food, served in by cool kids (who also know their menus and wines), in a cool neighborhood's former warehouse building with a down-home Italian kitchen.

In Levi's jeans and Converse kicks (the originally selected James Perse T-shirts were replaced), waiters and staff were warm and aesthetically matched the interior of the sometime raw and industrial space. It was clear that there was a great deal of planning, coordination and thought that went into the design, but somehow it didn't turn out looking contrived as it could have. I should also note that Pizza East is a recent child of the Soho House group. More reason to respect the differentiation that they've managed to carve out here from their other endeavors. Another interesting design note: the restrooms. Barn doors and all.

This convergence then begs the question, " Did the pizza taste better because of the environment?" Maybe. But the table and concrete walls looked a whole lot better with the lasagna and beet salad.

Pizza East, Tea Building, 56 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6JJ; T: +44 (0)207 729 1888

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