24 September 2009


Harrod's Department Store, London
"Excuse me, where is the men's department?"
(wearing camoflage pants and a T-shirt)
"Casual or suiting, sir?"
"Suiting. Thank you."

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  1. I love this post.

    I remember one hot New York afternoon when I went the Brooks Brothers flagship at 346 Madison (which has been a B2 outpost since Woodrow Wilson was in office) to buy a suit for a wedding I was attending. The key word here is "buy." I didn't go to shop or browse, I went to spend some money. Since it was a hot summer day I was wearing khaki shorts, a polo shirt and white canvas sneakers. Being so casually dressed the salesmen (not people, salesmen, old men) refused to help me because I was dressed so casually. It was absurd. I still have that Hickey Freeman suit I bought that day.