07 October 2011


Dry Cleaning Shop, Amsterdam

"I'd like to drop this jacket off for dry cleaning."
"Is this leather and silk?"
"Yes, it's both, but the spots are only on the silk area. Can you spot clean?"
"No we cannot. We have to send it to a leather cleaner. But I suggest you wear it more and bring back to clean because cleaning leather is very expensive."
"So I should wear it dirty to make it more dirty?"

01 October 2011

The Weight of Coffee?

Pacific Coffee Company, China

From a Chinese barista to an Italian coffee-holic, I'm not sure how this means of measurement indicates the balance of milk, foam and coffee. But before a 12 hour flight, does it matter?

04 September 2011

Retail by Owner

Venice, California

"If no one here, call:
### ### ####
or ring

16 August 2011


Equinox (fitness club), West Hollywood

"I'm driving East on Sunset. What is the cross street of your gym?"
"What is your exact address?"
"8590 West Sunset."

(I see a glass building on the right, guessing the gym is there)

"Are you located in the glass building on Sunset?"
"No, we're in the gym."

"Is there parking?"
"Yes, turn right onto Alta Linda. When you come out of the elevator, we're right in front of you."
"Is there a floor that you're located on?"

15 August 2011


Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport

Depending on which Play Station 3 game whets your appetite, you can kill 10 minutes, or 2 hours,
at one of these beauties.